Young Adult Discipleship Retreat

Encounter God, Know yourself, Live for change

  • Date

    2-13 December 2017
  • Age

  • Location

    Queensland Conference & Camping Center
    179 Gold Creek Rd
    Brookfield QLD 5466
$1135 Inc GST*

Registrations close Tuesday 14th November.

We encourage participants to seek support and fundraise to help cover this cost. Please contact us for support and ideas around this.

For an online social media based fundraising platform you can set up a fundraising event page HERE.

*Payment is not required as part of the Registration Proccess.
*Payment by installments is welcome


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YADR is a 12 day live-in experience that will immerse you in a culture that will stretch and grow you personally and spiritually through an intentional community dynamic. Experienced and passionate facilitators will help you explore yourself, your giftings, and your calling so that you can grow in intimacy with God and live a bold life that makes a real impact for the kingdom. Through theological insight, leadership principles, missional training and vision development, this experience will shape you and equip you in ways you cannot even begin to imagine.

Here is what past particiapnat have said about YADR

YADR was not just a 12 day retreat, it was the beginning of a new era, a new life, a new way, a new me. I went along with the idea that I would come home knowing so much more about God and myself and boy were those expectations blown out of the water! The most incredible thing I learnt was that I already knew so much about God and myself I just hadn’t acknowledged it for what it was. God is so extraordinarily personable that he had always been speaking into my life and working in wonderful ways, I just didn’t realise it was him all along.
Now that I’m back into the normal daily things of life, I would not say that YADR is finished. YADR is and will always be following me for the rest life. The friends I made and the things I discovered is only a small portion of what will come out of these 12 days.


YADR transformed my life. It transformed my relationships with others, it transformed my relationship with myself, and most of all it transformed my relationship with God. How? Because it was ‘radical’, which actually means to affect the fundamental nature of something. Rather than just coating me with a thin, shiny veneer that will wear off eventually, it plunged into the depths of who I am, what my heart truly believes and who God is. It asked me questions. It gave me answers I never knew I was searching for. It challenged and confronted and encouraged and affirmed me. During YADR, God asked me to give up everything to him – all my pain and mistakes and pride. Every wound and desire. Then, I was filled with Love and Grace and Forgiveness and Strength (capitals intended). To sum it up, God healed me. I thought I was going to YADR to learn more, to be educated. Instead God went straight to the roots of who I thought I was, and did more than I could ever imagine. God said I am his daughter and his girl; he cradles me. And in that strength, I become His warrior. No longer am I constantly striving to achieve perfectionism, but instead seeking to grow closer to God. No longer am I bound by the failures of others, and myself, but instead free to pursue God’s Holy plan. No longer am I asking “why God!” but instead asking him: “What can I do for you today?” Now, I am free to be a disciple, and free to disciple others.


I’m struggling to find the words to best attempt to describe how much going on YADR 2016 has impacted my life. In 12 days I grew more than I ever thought possible and have continued to grow since returning home. Seeds were planted at YADR which I am yet to even see some of the fruits of but will slowly bloom as time goes on. I got to experience the Fathers heart and his love in a way I never had before which is something I’ll forever be grateful for. I absorbed so much wisdom and knowledge in 12 days but know its wisdom and knowledge I will carry with me for the rest of my life. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before and was a space filled with constant love and others with the same genuine heart to see the kingdom grow. It is an experience that has already changed my heart but an experience that I know is going to continue to grow me for years to come. Through the prayer, teaching sessions, Worship and just real honest friendships, I think we all experienced the enormous love God has for us and the potential we all carry within. So to put it in short, God flipped my world upside down at YADR and for that I’m forever Thankful.


We are all searching for those moments that change and define us. We long to live in the freedom of God’s grace and discover the potential he has for our lives. Full of significant and challenging moments, together with rich and joy-filled community, YADR will give you a solid foundation to pursue a life of discipleship and living in God’s calling for your life.

Here are some of the topics we will be covering


  • Your Value
  • Your Identity
  • Your Purpose
  • The Fathers Heart
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Prayer
  • Christian Leadership
  • Leading Teams
  • Creating a clear vision
  • Team building
  • Being a Disciple
  • Making Disciples
  • Worship
  • Reading the bible for a changed life
  • Mission & Outreach
  • Leading change & dealing with disappointment
  • Goal Setting
  • Solo