Holiday Camp Leadership

Holiday Camp Volunteers - Join the Team

Thank you for considering being a volunteer leader on one of our Holiday Camps. We value the incredible contribution that volunteer leaders make to our shared ministry; in fact our Holiday Camps are only possible because of dedicated volunteers like you!

If you would like to join our amazing team of volunteer leaders then we encourage you to start the application process by completing the on-line expression of interest form below. We'll then contact you and help you complete the full application process.

If you have any questions regarding being a leader or the application process please contact our team on 3511 4080 or office [at] - we'd love to hear from you!

Holiday Camp Leader Sign-Up

Leader Application Process - Overview

The application process below may look a little tough but it isn't too hard to complete and we do it for a really good reason - because we care about the children and teenagers that we serve! Please note that elements of the application process, such as the 'Blue Card', may take weeks to complete.

  1. Online Application Form
  2. Submit two References
  3. Obtain a 'Blue Card
  4. Attend our New Leader Training
  5. Attend a Professional Standards Training Workshop
  6. Complete an Interview

To start this process all you need to do complete the on-line expression of interest form by clicking on the Sign-up button above and letting us know which camps you'd like to lead on this year. We'll then follow up and help you complete the rest of the application process.

Event Leadership Team Selection

Only volunteer leaders who successfully complete the Leadership Application Process outlined above are considered for leadership at Lutheran Youth of Queensland events. A number of factors are considered when selecting event leadership teams. These factors include, but are not limited to, the gender balance of the leadership team, the balance of leadership experience and camper:leader ratios. Please note that in some cases leaders will be expected to attend event specific training.