Frequently Asked Questions

LYQ and Christian Content

1. Who is LYQ?

LYQ is a department of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District. We are a non-profit, Christian youth organisation that has been running holiday camps for over 60 years. For more information about our ministry visit our About us page.  

2. What is the Christian component of the camp?

We deliberately vary the depth of Christian content on our camps so that campers can select an experience that they are comfortable with. All of our camp leaders are committed Christians who come to camp to serve. They mainly do this just through hanging out and getting to know the campers, and having tons of fun!

Just like every component of camp, we encourage all the campers to participate in the Christian component of camp. We want to give each camper new experiences on camp, which could be through meeting awesome new people, doing amazing activities, or hearing someone share why they believe what they believe! We believe all these opportunities build on each other throughout camp to make one epic experience!

Our ‘Explode and Blast’ camps include a short daily Christian faith session where different leaders share about their belief in God and why they believe it. This is a relaxed opportunity for the campers to get to know their leaders in a different light, ask questions and think about what this belief might mean for their own lives.

Campers looking for a deeper Christian experience should check out our ‘Christian Life Week’ camps or ‘Kids Camp’ which include a higher level of Christian content and are based around approved studies specifically written for the camp.

Medical or Behavioural Needs Questions

1. What if my child has behavioural or medical needs?

We know that some children have unique medical and behavioural needs that may require specific support. We always try to accommodate these needs where we can (because we value every child!) but occasionally this isn’t possible. If your child has specific medical or behavioural needs please contact us prior to camp so we can assess our ability to provide good care to your child. Our volunteer leaders are trained in behaviour management and we ensure that every leadership team is prepared to respond to first-aid needs but we’re not equipped to care for campers with high needs.  

Online Payment Questions

1. Is your online payment system secure?

Yes! When you pay for an event online your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology. 128-bit SSL encryption is approximated to take at least one trillion years to break, and is the industry standard. If you have any questions regarding our security policy, please contact our head office.

2. Can I trust you with my private information?

Yes! Lutheran Youth of Queensland is dedicated to keeping your details private. Any information we collect in relation to an event booking is kept securely and only used to allow us to provide you with the experience and service that you've purchased. We will not share your details with a third party unless we have received your permission.

Health Questions

1. Do you cater for children with special dietary requirements?

Yes we do. We regularly cater for campers with special dietary requirements such as dairy free, gluten free, egg free, nut free and vegetarians. We ask parents to provide a comprehensive list of dietary requirements when registering their child onto camp. We will seek to cater for their needs as much as is possible and practical. We will contact you if we are unable to cater for your child's unique dietary requirements.

2. My child is taking medication. Can you cater for this on camp?

As each camper arrives, all medication (including paracetamol) needs to be handed to our First Aid Officer, who will record all details regarding administration. The First Aid Officer will look after the medication and make sure it’s administered at the correct times. Please include any medical requirements on the enrolment form where indicated.

Prescription medication

We suggest that any prescribed medication is brought to camp in a chemist-issued ‘blister pack’ (which will include information on how this medication is to be administered). If you cannot supply your child’s medication in a blister pack, please send the prescription medication(s) in its original packaging and with information on how this medication is to be administered, and have it all contained within a clearly named zip lock bag.

Non-prescription medication

If your child requires non-prescription medication (ie. Paracetamol, cold and flu tablets, etc.) please ensure that this medication is placed in a clearly named ziplock bag with instructions on how this medication is to be administered.

Asthma Inhalers

If your child has asthma, please supply two (2) asthma reliever inhalers for them on camp. One inhaler is to be given to the first-aid officer and the other is to be retained by your child. Please ensure that these inhalers have your child’s name clearly visible.

3. What happens if my child gets sick or injured?

All of our holiday camp leadership teams involve a designated First Aid Officer with a current Senior First Aid Certificate and first aid kits. If your child gets sick we will start by resting them and providing any medication needed with your permission. If symptoms persist or worsen, the camp directors will contact you and talk through options which may include picking them up. In the event of moderate or major injury the directors will contact you to discuss any action needed. If immediate attention is required an ambulance will be called. All incidents will be recorded, no matter how minor or major.

General Camp Questions

1. My child doesn't know anyone else on camp. Will they be OK?

It is common for campers, particularly first-time campers to arrive not knowing anyone else. Our leaders are trained to watch, care for and involve campers to ensure they feel part of the group from the get go! As a result, campers have a fantastic time and leave having made many new friends.

2.Can my child bring a mobile phone to camp?

One of the great features of camp is the opportunity for campers to disconnect from the distractions and pressures of life and to fully immerse themselves in an experience of growth and fun. That’s why we have a “no mobile phone use” rule on camp. The removal of potential distractions ensures that campers are ‘present’ on camp, connect better with those around them and maximise their experience! 

Parents are most welcome to contact their child at any time during camp using the camp directors phone (details outlined in each camp information letter). We also understand that parents may like their children to have a mobile phone for travelling to and from camp for safety reasons. Please note that mobile phones brought to camp will need to be handed in on arrival. Mobile phones will be kept in a secure location and handed back to the owner at the end of camp.

3. What sort of supervision will be exercised on camp?

All of our leaders complete an extensive application and training process prior to being selected. This includes obtaining a Blue Card (for those over 18), Professional Standards training, reference checks, an interview and leadership training. Every camp leadership team includes a designated First Aid Officer with a current Senior First Aid Certificate and first-aid kit. All the adventure activities will be facilitated by trained instructors. Our leader to camper ratio is no less than 1:5 at all times and sometimes as low as 1:3.

4. Are the leaders trained to handle emergencies?

Yes. Every camp leadership team includes a designated First Aid Officer with a current Senior First Aid Certificate and first-aid kit. The Camp Directors are equipped to respond in an emergency situation and all of our camps are briefed when they arrive regarding the campsites' emergency procedures. If anything happens, the camp directors will take action to ensure everyone is safe and accounted for.

5. What if my child gets homesick?

This is a very common feeling on camp which comes and goes at times. Our leaders are there to encourage each camper as they get to know new people, build friendships, and experience all the excitement camp has to offer. If homesickness sets in, campers are welcome to call home from a camp phone. The camp directors will be in contact with you if feelings persist to talk through options, which may include picking your child up.

6. Can my child attend for a section of the week?

No. To make the most of camp, we have designed everything to be a full experience. A big part of camp is not just the activities, but the friendships and community that are created during the full length of the program

7. What does my child need to bring?

The basic needs for camp are clothes, bedding, toiletries, and a smile! A full list will come out after registration with the specific things that they will need to bring. Anything brought that is not on the list will not be the leaders’ responsibility.

8. What should my child wear?

Campers will need comfortable sun smart clothing, including a hat. Shirts will need sleeves and shorts are preferred to skirts. Thongs are fine, as long as they also have enclosed shoes for activities. NB: it’s likely some of their clothes will get dirty! A full list will come out after registration with the specific things that they will need to bring.

9. Will my child need any spending money?

Campers are welcome to bring a small amount of money (no more than $20) for extra snacks and souvenirs. It is not necessary for campers to bring any money, as all meals and snacks are provided, however, there may be a few times when the campers will be offsite, where they might have an opportunity to spend some money. There may also be chocolates available if campers wish to purchase then during camp. Any money that is brought is the camper’s responsibility to keep it safe.

10. Can I visit my child on camp?

No. You are more than welcome to drop your child off at the start of camp and be there at the end camp to pick them up, but during camp there will be no visitors. We need to constantly track who is at camp so we know we are not missing anyone and also that there are not any extra strangers with the campers. The camp information letter that is sent to parents/guardians prior to camp contains the mobile numbers of the camp directors so that you can contact your child should an emergency arise.

Getting to Camp

1. Can I drop my child off?

Sure can! The start and finish times of camp will be communicated to parents and campers in the pre-camp letter which you should receive a few weeks before camp. 

2. Is there a bus?

Yes, normally! We know that it can be difficult for working parents to drop off their children at camp so we try to organise transport options where possible. Bus transport options are normally outlined on the camp webpage and offered in the online registration form. Please note that bus availability is subject to sufficient numbers. Even if a place is booked on one of the bus services, it may be cancelled due to lack of numbers or
any other reason. If this occurs, the cost of the bus (only) will be refunded if previously paid, and it will be the
parents/guardians responsibility to arrange alternative transport for their child.

3. Can campers drive themselves to camp?

Even if campers are old enough to hold a provisional licence, we strongly recommend that they don’t drive themselves to and from camp (especially the week long camps), as they are likely to be quite exhausted which may impair their driving abilities.

Pricing Questions

1. Why do prices vary?

Each camp programme is unique and as a result prices may vary according to the programmed activities, duration of the camp, numbers of participants, accommodation type and associated costs. Be assured that at all times we seek to provide you with the best quality programmes at the lowest possible prices.

2. Does a childcare cash rebate apply?

Yes, Lutheran Youth of Queensland is an approved registered childcare provider which means that parents and guardians can claim back a portion of the camp fees from Centrelink after this camp has concluded. The Child Care Benefit exists to help reduce the out of pocket expenses of child care for eligible parents. Our camps are considered vacation care. Parents can determine their eligibility and download an application form on-line at Receipts will be sent out after camp concludes. Please be aware that we are a registered childcare provider not an approved childcare provider. Here is a link that explains the difference.

3. Can I pay in installments?

We don’t offer payment plans unless there is extenuating circumstances. If a payment plan is approved, a deposit must be paid immediately and the full amount must be paid by the close of registrations. To be considered for a payment plan, please contact our head office.

4. Do you provide financial assistance for campers?

Lutheran Youth of Queensland doesn't provide direct financial assistance to campers however we work with local churches and our parent body (The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District) to offer the following support options:

Church subsidy

It is common for churches to setup sponsorship support for campers from their community. They often obtain a 'sponsorship code' that campers can use in our registration process to reduce the cost of camp. Please chat to your pastor/youth leader directly regarding church support. 

Buchholz Estate Scholarship Fund

The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD) has established a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to eligible individuals to attend our holiday camps. To be eligible to apply, applicants must live within the boundaries of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District, be unable to pay camp registration fees and be of secondary school age. For more information and to apply, please talk to the pastor or chairperson of your local Lutheran congregation, or the principal of your local Lutheran school or college.

Disaster Relief

The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District has offered, from time to time, financial support for families affected by disaster. Please contact our head office to see if this currently applies.



Cancellations and Transfers

1. What happens if I book and pay but my child cannot attend for some reason?

Cancellations made while event bookings are still open will receive a refund less an administrative charge of $27.50. Cancellations made after bookings for the event have closed will incur a charge of 100% of the event fee. In medical and compassionate circumstances, we will endeavour to credit a portion of the event fees to be used at another event within the same calendar year.  The reason for this is that normally all of our event costs are incurred prior to camp.

2. Can my child switch camps?

We may be able to transfer campers to a different camp if registrations are still open. A $27.50 penalty applies on transferring between events, within a season.

3. Will I receive a refund if my child only attends part of the camp?

Refunds will not be given for partial attendance.

4. Will I be refunded if the camp is cancelled?

All events must meet a minimum number in order to run. If the minimum is not reached and Lutheran Youth of Queensland cancels the event, then a full refund will apply.