Pricing Questions

Pricing Questions

1. Why do prices vary?

Each camp programme is unique and as a result prices may vary according to the programmed activities, duration of the camp, numbers of participants, accommodation type and associated costs. Be assured that at all times we seek to provide you with the best quality programmes at the lowest possible prices.

2. Does a childcare cash rebate apply?

Yes, Lutheran Youth of Queensland is an approved registered childcare provider which means that parents and guardians can claim back a portion of the camp fees from Centrelink after this camp has concluded. The Child Care Benefit exists to help reduce the out of pocket expenses of child care for eligible parents. Our camps are considered vacation care. Parents can determine their eligibility and download an application form on-line at Receipts will be sent out after camp concludes. Please be aware that we are a registered childcare provider not an approved childcare provider. Here is a link that explains the difference.

3. Can I pay in installments?

We don’t offer payment plans unless there is extenuating circumstances. If a payment plan is approved, a deposit must be paid immediately and the full amount must be paid by the close of registrations. To be considered for a payment plan, please contact our head office.

4. Do you provide financial assistance for campers?

Lutheran Youth of Queensland doesn't provide direct financial assistance to campers however we work with local churches and our parent body (The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District) to offer the following support options:

Church subsidy

It is common for churches to setup sponsorship support for campers from their community. They often obtain a 'sponsorship code' that campers can use in our registration process to reduce the cost of camp. Please chat to your pastor/youth leader directly regarding church support. 

Buchholz Estate Scholarship Fund

The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District (LCAQD) has established a scholarship fund to provide financial assistance to eligible individuals to attend our holiday camps. To be eligible to apply, applicants must live within the boundaries of the Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District, be unable to pay camp registration fees and be of secondary school age. For more information and to apply, please talk to the pastor or chairperson of your local Lutheran congregation, or the principal of your local Lutheran school or college.

Disaster Relief

The Lutheran Church of Australia Queensland District has offered, from time to time, financial support for families affected by disaster. Please contact our head office to see if this currently applies.