Getting to Camp

Getting to Camp

1. Can I drop my child off?

Sure can! The start and finish times of camp will be communicated to parents and campers in the pre-camp letter which you should receive a few weeks before camp. 

2. Is there a bus?

Yes, normally! We know that it can be difficult for working parents to drop off their children at camp so we try to organise transport options where possible. Bus transport options are normally outlined on the camp webpage and offered in the online registration form. Please note that bus availability is subject to sufficient numbers. Even if a place is booked on one of the bus services, it may be cancelled due to lack of numbers or
any other reason. If this occurs, the cost of the bus (only) will be refunded if previously paid, and it will be the
parents/guardians responsibility to arrange alternative transport for their child.

3. Can campers drive themselves to camp?

Even if campers are old enough to hold a provisional licence, we strongly recommend that they don’t drive themselves to and from camp (especially the week long camps), as they are likely to be quite exhausted which may impair their driving abilities.